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Writing Mysteries with animals

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Welcome to the first of my blog entries!

As you may or may not know, I just self-published my novel Mystery at Breezy Bay, a cozy mystery available Jan 01, 2022 on all major retailers and this site as an ebook. Print coming mid January.

Set on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC where I live. This will be the first blog entry, so stay tuned and subscribe.

I love to read, and watch mysteries from any country, and noticed only a few authors in Canada have been very successful in this genre. I have read most, if not all, of them during my reading career. I wrote Mystery at Breezy Bay because simply it is fiction with plots and characters I make up. Fabulous! I also wanted to incorporate some of the dog training and cool things dogs do. I am a professional dog trainer in one of my past careers. Well, I still am a professional dog trainer, but I don't teach classes anymore.

The name Breezy Bay comes from my dog's name, (Breezy's photo below) an SPCA rescue who started me on the path to professional dog training. She is 12 now. I wanted to honour her in my book this way by naming the fictional town after her. Next blog will be about dogs and truffle hunting, which is a large part of the story in Breezy Bay.

Truffle Hunting is a major theme in the novel Mystery at Breezy Bay. I have taught Truffle Hunting to others and took part in truffle hunting on the Island. This picture is of my dog and myself in a small truffiere where there were actually no truffles found. My German Shepherd loved scent work and this one just one more activity that was outside, where he loved to be. Wolfy recently died in Oct 2021 from cancer. I miss him terribly. There are many who teach truffle hunting and I have listed two companies in the US who teach it on my home page. The novel Mystery at Breezy Bay at the back there is a listing of truffles and types of reference if interested. Mystery at Breezy bay is a Mystery. I hope you enjoy the book!

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